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Solar Panel Systems

See how much you could save by generating your own renewable electricity Reduce Your Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint

Solar Panel system vary in size and mounting system, the cost will vary according. System Prices are at a cost in the uk that make it worth generating your own renewable energy

Solar PV: Power up during daylight

Take advantage of the daylight hours to produce electricity to power your home, office, and factory

  • Great investment
  • 25 years performance guarantee
  • Year-round power generation
  • 20 years government backed income
  • Save up to £600 a year*

*A combination of solar savings, feed in tariff, GridShare cashback payments

Moixa Smart Battery: Save it for later!

The Moixa Smart Battery allows you to store electricity charged from your solar panels rather than sending spare solar energy back to the grid.

  • Can be added to existing solar panels
  • Store unused solar electricity to power your home in the evening
  • Charge your Smart Battery from the grid with an off-peak tariff like Economy 7
  • Small ‘all-in-one’ unit: 50 x 30 x 20 cm. Fits neatly under the stairs, in your garage, or on the wall

Why Generate Your Own Electricity?

Significantly reduce your energy bills

Our solar panel and battery package can save you up to 60% on your electricity bills. The Moixa battery can charge during the day from the sun, and also overnight (if you have Economy 7) taking advantage of split tariffs.

Lower your carbon footprint

Solar power is a green, clean, renewable source of energy that doesn’t produce greenhouse gases and reduces our dependence on harmful fossil fuels.

Walk away from price hikes

With energy prices expected to rise by as much at 7% next year, fix your electricity bills for the next 25+years by investing in solar panels and battery.

Increase your property’s value

As a general rule, solar panels make properties more attractive to buyers and, as such, can increase the value of your home if you ever come to sell.

Moixa is the UK’s leading home battery and platform for managing storage services.

Our Smart Battery is British invented and manufactured. We offer full sales and technical support locally in the UK. We’re the partner of choice for leading installers, housing associations and utility companies.

How much will your solar PV system earn based on its strength? (Based on assumptions below from Mioxa )

2 kWp Solar PV and Smart Battery Technology system (start cost from £6000.00 incl VAT and installed )>

  • 1900 kWh of home grown British electricity straight from your roof – 42 kettle boils per day.
  • savings from solar and Moixa battery
  • Grid share income for being part of our Moixa community
  • FIT generation income
  • FIT export income

Over £400 Total Annual Benefit

3 kWp Solar PV and Smart Battery Technology system (start cost from £7000.00 incl VAT and installed )

  • 2850 kWh of electricity generated – 62 kettle boils per day
  • savings from your solar and your Moixa smart battery
  • Grid share income for being part of our Moixa community
  • FIT generation income
  • FIT export income

Over £500 Total Annual Benefit

4 kWp Solar PV and Smart Battery Technology system (start cost from £8000.00 incl VAT and installed )

  • 3800 kWh of electricity generated – 83 kettle boils per day
  • savings from your solar and your Moixa smart battery
  • GridShare income for being part of our Moixa community
  • paid to you for generating your own carbon-free electricity – FIT income
  • Straight in your pocket for selling any unused electricity back to the grid.

Over £600 Total Annual Benefit

BENEFITS STATISTICS BASED ON A yield of 950 from the Solar PV – 950kWh per kWp. An average household consumption of 4,000 kWh per year (average for a UK household according to Ofgem). Electricity price of 14p/kWh. A conservative estimate that energy prices will only rise by 4% each year. That RPI stays at 2.5% as of April 2017. That the household only consumes 50% of the electricity that their PV generates. That the battery is a 3kWh Moixa Smart Battery and that it is cycled 345 times per year. A full kettle boil of 1.5 pints uses 125 watts. All rounded to 0 decimal places.

PV Modules – Solar Panels

Solar photovoltaic modules, often referred to as solar panels, convert light energy into a direct electrical current (DC). Solar modules have no moving parts and are extremely reliable and durable. However, there are important differences in form, quality, and performance that can impact both installation time and long-term system performance. New Energy supply a range of polysilicon, monocrystalline and Hybrid solar panels, in a variety of power ratings, to cater for all types and sizes of PV installation

Perlight Solar Panels

Perlight solar modules are manufactured in Wenling, China, Economies of scale allow to provide the best value with high quality materials and automated production processess. From the order to after sales service, Perlight Solar always care about product quality and service quality.

By strictly implementing quality management system, from materials testing and product certification, to manufacturing process and product shipment, they monitor & trace back every step to ensure quality promise.

JA Solar Panels

JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd is a world leading manufacturer of high-performance solar power products that convert sunlight into electricity, for residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation. JA Solar, the world’s leading cell producer since 2010, has firmly established itself as a tier 1 module supplier. Capitalizing on its strength in solar cell technology, it is committed to provide modules with unparalleled conversion efficiency, yield efficiency, and reliability to enable customers to maximize the returns of their PV projects. JA Solar adopts a selective vertical integration model, covering silicon wafer, cell and module production, as well as photovoltaic power plant investment, development, construction, operation and maintenance

Mounting Systems

Mounting structures are used to fix solar panels (PV modules) to the roof or to the ground so they aren’t moved by wind or snow.

Most modules are fastened using top clamps, which clamp the module frame to a mounting rail or roof attachment. The clamps can double as spacers and clamp two modules simultaneously, reducing the total number of fasteners required. Regardless of clamp type, it is also important to clamp the module in the right places.

Most PV modules are designed to be clamped at the quarter-points where the mounting holes typically are. This ensures optimal loading on the module frame and provides maximum static and dynamic load capacity. Most manufacturers also allow for mounting on the short ends of the module.

Roofs vary considerably and different roof hooks are available for all types of roof coverings. Roof tiles such as slate, shingle, concrete, rosemary, etc have different options and it is important to install the correct roof fixings for each type of tile.

In addition, there are solutions available for flat roofs, pitched roofs, ground mount systems and also floating systems where panels are located on a water surface.

GSE In-Roof System

GSE designs and manufactures an integration system for framed photovoltaic panels that is simple, lightweight, watertight and inexpensive.

Photovoltaic modules can be installed in all roof types. Modules can be installed on 12° to 50° pitch. Compatible with virtually all photovoltaic panels on the market. Portrait or landscape format installation.

K2 Mounting Systems

K2 supply high quality mounting systems for any solar PV array, be it a pitched roof, flat roof, in roof or ground mounted systems. Our modular and HDPE ballasted systems are all available to buy online or simply contact us to discuss any bespoke system requirements.

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