Who We Are

Our experience over the last 30 years in the Electrical and Testing industry in the UK has given us a huge insight into renewable technology.

Like so many people we are conscious of the effect of our carbon footprint and its effect on the planet. We have spent much time studying methods of energy utilisation - hence the birth of New Energy Engineering Services.

We have seen that the UK Market is embracing renewable technologies at an unprecedented rate and believe that this is divided into the following key areas–

  • New vehicle technology either EV or Hybrid cars
  • The need to control the increasing fuel cost from the electricity and gas suppliers
  • Ability to be paid for generating and installing new renewable technologies

New Energy Services specialise in the generation and storage of energy - every home, office, workshop, school, factory, or farm can benefit. The concept of battery storage is simple.


We have teamed up with 3 UK manufacturing companies


To provide market leading, Smart Battery technology, Roof Integrated solar panels, Electric Vehicle Charging and Energy Products.

Why Solar

Some key reasons for generating and storing energy:

  • Ability to charge EV (electric Vehicle) Hybrid Cars
  • Reducing Home Energy costs
  • Reducing work environment energy costs
  • Reducing carbon footprint

The cost of installing renewable technology systems is at its lowest and gives an excellent energy saving ability for both Home and Office.

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Neil Timmins - Founder

Recently sold his test and measurment business after owning and running for 26 years.

Graham Holyland - Founder

Electrician for over 30 years in the electrical and construction industry.